Bucket List

A couple of years ago I made a Day Zero Project, I didn't completely finish it, but it was fun trying to work through the list. However things I had on my list then I definitely wouldn't include now, I think my priorities and what I see as important has definitely changed over the last few years.I have now started a proper bucket list which I can add to, some of the items on it I definitely won't be doing for a very long time (like owning my own house) but I thought it would be a nice place to list all my plans. 

Here is my bucket list (It isn't to be completed in any particular order or by any certain date)

Hold a koala
Road trip around America
Work for Disney World
Sydney for New Years Eve
Stay in an ice hotel
See the Northern Lights
Visit Machu Piccu, Peru
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Attend a cocktail making class 
Bangkok for Songkran 
Own my own house
Go to a drive in movie

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