Monday, 29 August 2016

USA and Canada 2016 | Washington DC and Virginia

We spent the last days of our holiday staying with family in Reston, Virginia - just outside of DC. It was lovely and hot and we spent most of the time there just catching up with our family (including our new 5-month-old baby cousin) and relaxing, we did lots of shopping and had some great dinners. I won't go through each day in detail, but below are some of the highlights. 

Whilst we were there we went into DC a couple of times. We woke up super early one morning to head in for sunrise at the Lincoln memorial. It was the most amazing view and I took hundreds of photo, I would highly recommend heading into DC at that time as it was so quiet and we were able to head around some of the memorials before crowds were there.

One evening we drove to Wolf Trap - near my Auntie's house - to watch Kristin Chenoweth perform. It is such a beautiful national park! It is the only performing arts national park in the USA and it was such a lovely experience as although you are under shelter, the walls of the auditorium are open so you can hear the noises from the trees outside. 

Another place we visited in DC was the Newseum, it did cost entry but you get two days worth of tickets. They have some really interesting exhibits, we spent ages in the FBI investigates exhibit which was horrifying but interesting.

We visited Lake Anne which is a lovely lake surrounded by restaurants, it is lovely to sit around and relax. 

We ate at Good Stuff Burgers in Arlington where I had one of the best burgers I had ever eaten in my life.

While in Virginia, we also travelled into Maryland and visited a County Fair. It was so much fun, there were loads of stalls and animals. There were shows and lots of places to get food and souvenirs. I didn't realise what a big thing county fairs were in the area! It was a really popular event with fairground rides and monster trucks. 

We had such an amazing holiday, looking forward to my next trip back to the USA.

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