Monday, 29 August 2016

USA and Canada 2016 | Niagara Falls

It was really easy to get from Toronto to Niagara on the Greyhound bus. It was really cheap and only took around one hour and a half. It was easy to get from the bus station to our hotel (Travelodge by the Falls) which was quite reasonably priced and a good location within walking distance of everywhere. 

I was really surprised about the Niagara area, I wasn't picturing it at all similar to how it is; I would compare it to a Vegas for kids! It's loud, there is lots of neon and bright colours and it is full of activities (mini golf, countless wax work museums and haunted houses). We walked down towards the falls after dropping out suitcases, and got Starbucks and Wendy's before queuing up for the Hornblower boat. It looked like a long queue but it really didn't take long to get on the boat. The actual trip was around 20 minutes but we had booked in advance for $45 for the day time and night time cruise. We got absolutely soaked but it was so worth it, and obviously with the heat we dried off quickly. We grabbed milkshakes and went back to the hotel.

We had dinner and walked back to the boat for our evening cruise. We had an amazing view of the fireworks over head. I would definitely recommend joining the queue as late as possible as people were in the line for an hour standing up and they hadn't let anyone on the boat. 

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