Thursday, 14 May 2015

Favourite Travel Items

1. My Journal
I had been bought this Paperchase journal as a present and it was great while I was travelling, I used it to keep note of things that we did and things that I didn't to forget. It was small enough and light enough to not take up too much luggage space. 

2. Battery Operated toothbrush
This was something I hadn't thought about before, but at home I always use an electric toothbrush and properly look after my teeth, but I realised when I was travelling this wasn't going to be easy. However in Sainsbury's I found the Slim Sonic toothbrush which cost only £10 and is basically a portable electric toothbrush with it's own cover. 

3. Sandwich bags
It had been suggested to me that these were a great item to take and I found them so useful. I used them for leaking shampoo, keeping cables together, storing wet bikinis etc. 

4. Sleeping bag liner 
This item did take up some space but it is definitely something I would take again. It was amazing when a hostel bed felt a little gross and I used it on overnight trains and buses. It is much lighter than a sleeping bag, but that is really all that was needed as it was hot everywhere we went. 

5. Bag locks
I took a few different locks with me, and found the ones with the wire locking system really useful! It meant that even if there were no lockers or anywhere to store our valuables we could lock it to the bed and not have to worry. It also meant on public transport we could lock it overnight and go to sleep without worrying. 

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