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Cambodia | G Adventures Tour

After our time in Australia we took a flight to Bangkok to join our G Adventures tour group for a Cambodia on a Shoestring tour. We had decided to book a tour as this would be our first week in Asia and we wanted to be guided for the first part of the trip, but we only booked a 10 day tour as we wanted to do the rest of Asia by ourselves (I will review our tour experience properly in a future post!). During the 10 days we travelling we moved across Cambodia from Bangkok all the way into Vietnam. 

Our Stops

Bangkok and Siem Reap, Feb 9th to 11th
After landing in Bangkok we got picked up and taken to our hotel. It was really strange staying in a hotel for the first time after having stayed in hostel for the past month! That evening we met the group and went out for dinner. The following day we headed to Siem Reap. That evening we went on a tuk tuk journey to a local village where we were given dinner and were able to meet the locals. That evening we went to Pub Street and ended up watching a lady boy show whilst having a massage! The next day we went to Angkor Wat for sunrise and spent the day being taken round the various temples nearby. That evening we went to the Corner Bar on Pub Street and did lots of karaoke! The next morning before heading to Phnom Pehn we visited New Hope, a school for local children, supported by G Adventures. It was really amazing to see the great work they do.

Phnom Pehn, Feb 12th to 13th
We spent two nights in Phnom Pehn. We visited the killing fields and S21 which was very emotional but also informative. S21 is a school that was turned into prison during the communist Khmer Rouge regime. The killing fields is where the victims of the regime were buried. We had an amazing dinner at a tapas restaurant called Friends which is owned by the Tree Alliance and helps offer work to local disadvantaged children. 

Sihanoukville, Feb 14th to 15th
We travelled to Sihanoukville the following day and spent the afternoon laying out on the beach. Unfortunately the beach wasn't quite so relaxing as there were people trying to sell things every couple of minutes. We found a nice BBQ restaurant though and ended up going there three times! The following day we headed out on a boat trip to a local island which was amazing and very very relaxing!

Can Tho, Feb 16th
We arrived in Vietnam the first day and stayed in a village at a homestay on the Mekong Delta. It was a great evening, they cooked us dinner and we sat around with the group and played cards for a while! We had quite a early night as the host family went to be quite early. It was amazing seeing the village and being told all about their way of life. The next morning we went on a trip on the Mekong Delta on a boat to see a floating village. I had the most amazing iced coffee with condensed milk which tasted so good!

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh, Feb 17th to 18th
Later that day we drove to Ho Chi Minh. After settling into our hotel we went to Pho 2000 for lunch and then the Ben Than Market to go shopping. That evening we met the new group that our tour guide would be taking around Vietnam and went out for dinner all together. The following day we went to the Cu Chi Tunnels. It was interesting, but we found our tour guide wasn't brilliant and that having a large group was quite difficult. That afternoon we packed off and left the hotel as we were heading off to an apartment for the next part of our trip!

Cambodia Spending

Cost of Cambodia on a Shoestring Tour: £549 inc. accommodation and transport

Food, activities and general spending: £161.68
Days spent on tour: 10 days
Average spending per day: £16.17 (excl. cost of tour)

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  1. Thanks for the review Courtney. Cambodia is a magical and powerful place - I have been lucky enough to go there myself. Reading your blog makes me want to go back! I am thrilled you had such good time.

    Lyndon File
    Manager, Customer Experience
    G Adventures