Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dubai 2014 | Beach times and Riverside Food

Lots of the time we spent in Dubai was spent around the pool and at the beach. The heat meant that porters from the hotel would come round every hour or so with cool flannels to help us cool down which was very much welcomed! Often there would be camels taken for walk along the beach, trying to get visitors to take ride. 

On our last evening at JBR we headed to the Dubai Marina for dinner. We had been recommended a restaurant called Fume which did not disappoint. It suggests it is 'no frills' service yet delicious sharing food and it was great. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was quite modern and quirky. We all had a great meal where we shared most of the food such as mac and cheese, duck noodles, ribs etc, they have a really wide variety and the aim of the concept is that everything is shared and it is only brought out when it is ready so dishes were arriving at different times. I would highly recommend this restaurant (

After a brilliant dinner we had a little walk around the Marina and headed back to the hotel to pack ready for a few nights in the Atlantis. 

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