Saturday, 22 September 2012

Virginia, USA 2012

All my blogging seems to be so late as I got back from my holiday over a month ago, but as I said I would be doing this post, I didn't want to forget about it!

Lots of shopping bags! (Not all mine...)

I have been to the USA a few times before and often stay in Virginia as I have family there, and this time was extra special as it was my cousin's wedding. We had such a great holiday and the wedding made it even more special. 

The beautiful Russian Orthodox Church

Edible Confetti! So pretty. 
I went will all my family and we stayed at a hotel called Hyatt House. It was absolutely lovely, with really nice staff and such nice facilities. There was a pool and a gym, and there was also a dining area which provided complementary breakfast and dinner which was a bonus!

Comfiest bed ever...

The weather was great whilst we were out there which was really lucky as although it is usually hot it can get very stormy sometimes. As well as staying in Virginia, we also spent a little time in West Virginia which involved lots of barbeques, enjoying the sun and general relaxing out of the city. Whilst in Virginia, aside from the wedding which was just beautiful and such a great day, we managed to fit in lots of shopping, lots of sitting by the pool and a little sightseeing in DC. We had an open top bus ride which was great and highly recommended, and we also went to a few museums, including the Holocaust museum and the International Spy Museum. I thought both of these were really good.
West Virginia sunset
Swimming pool in WV on the side of a hill!
Overall we had a really lovely holiday and I can't wait to go back to America as soon as I can. I just love everything about being in America!

Washington D.C.

Sorry this is such a late post! Hope you enjoy the pictures,


  1. I love america!! i'm going to california in feb and i just cannot wait, this is why i am on a spending ban! so i can buy loads and loads when i am there!! i have already got a list piling up :D great photos!!

    Jen xxx

    1. Have a lovely time! I'm sure you will, I really want to go back :) xx