Thursday, 30 August 2012

USA Buys Part 1

Whilst I was in America we ending up going shopping a little bit... And I purchased quite a few items, so I thought instead of a massive post, I would spread out my buys into two posts.

I have been to America quite a few times, but never before have I seen such a massive sale! It was literally massive. Plus in Virginia where we were staying, they have a tax free weekend at the beginning of August, so we didn't have to pay tax on the items we bought. 

First we went to Leesburg Outlet Mall and I purchased...

  • Aeropastale Tshirt $7
  • Aeropastale Ankle Socks (pack of 3) $5.25
  • American Eagle Grey Cardigan $14.99
  • American Eagle Peach vest top $3.49
The second shopping trip we had was to Tysons Corner Mall, which is massive!

  • Vans in Black $44.99
Items from Abercrombie... I don't ever purchase anything from Abercrombie in the UK, but it is so cheap in the US compared to England, so I decided to purchase some basic items which I know I will get lots of wear out of. 
  • Stripy Tshirt $10.14
  • Long Sleeve Top $23.80
  • Shorts $9.75
  • Jeans $34
  • Flipflops $7.75

Everything was so reasonably priced, I was really happy with spending my money on such cheap clothing, which I know is such good quality! I will post part two soon! 

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